Customised Image Consulting with Morphology: how to use forms and colours to enhance them

We discover how to enhance clients' features with a personalised consultation.

Professional Technical Courses

60 €

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What you will learn in this course

create unique, personalised images for every client

learn to quickly read the forms and colours of the person in front of us, in order to be able to suggest ideal solutions that will enhance their strengths

create more and more personalised and interactive consultations that provide the client with a satisfying result

Image consulting is a service every haircare professional needs to be able to provide in the initial phase of contact with a client. Being able to interpret and read the forms, proportions and volumes of the face and body of the person in front of us puts us in a position to be able to propose a type of service that is perfectly adapted to the client, and considers not only their external appearance, but also their lifestyle, their desires and their expectations in terms of cut, style and colour. A correctly performed consultation means we are able to offer the right technical services, and therefore achieve a result that takes into account the forms and dimensions of the client's features, and also their desires and expectations. This course is an invaluable guide full of suggestions and practical advice for enhancing every client's strengths and unique characteristics, creating personalised looks that will bring out individuality and personal style.

All stylists and colourists who want to learn new methods for enhancing and balancing their clients' features, regardless of the current fashions, preserving and respecting everyone's unique personal style.

A short self-assessment test is included at the conclusion of the course, after which a digital document attesting that the training experience has been completed will be issued.

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