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Focus on: Sacha Inchi oil

The oil extracted from the seeds of Sacha Inchi has many beneficial properties, both for wellness and beauty, let's find out together which ones!


Have you ever heard of Sacha Inchi? A plant that is still little known, but has many properties. Sacha Inchi oil is considered the most nourishing of all plant oils, used for thousands of years by the Incan peoples of Peru for its innumerable qualities. The scientific name of this climbing plant that grows in the Amazonian rainforest is Plukenetia volubilis, also known as Inca peanut. The most valuable part is its seeds: they are enclosed in a brown shell and arranged in the shape of a star. Let's look together at the properties that make Sacha Inchi so special.

Benefits and properties

Cold pressing of Sacha Inchi seeds yields an edible vegetable oil with many properties. When included in a dietary regimen, it is an excellent ally for keeping blood pressure and cholesterol under control, and for giving our immune system a boost. Very rich in polyunsaturated fats, particularly omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9, it is a valuable supply for our general well-being. It also contains vitamin A and vitamin E, and mineral salts. In short, a true superfood!

Sacha Inchi oil in cosmetics

The properties of the oil extracted from Sacha Inchi seeds make it an ideal cosmetic ingredient. It finds use in the manufacture of skin treatments due to its vitamin and omega-3 content. Products based on this oil can give good results even on very dry skin or skin with the presence of dermatitis.

The benefits on hair

Thanks to its properties, Sacha Inchi oil also finds use in the development of hair products. In fact, this oil is the perfect ally for nourishing even the most damaged and breaking hair, helping to strengthen it while increasing its shine. It acts on dryness by bringing nourishment and strengthening the hair fiber.

Thanks to its nourishing and disciplining characteristics, Sacha Inchi oil is present throughout the Line Elasti-Curl , specially designed to nourish and moisturize curly hair and moved.


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