Our story

Insight is a brand from Eley, a historical cosmetics company based in the province of Bologna, which has been producing professional cosmetic products using organic extracts and natural ingredients for decades.

In 2013, we put all this experience into Insight, bringing to life a brand that can respond to every professional need in the salon, while also preserving the qualities needed for everyday use. Today, Insight is exported to 54 countries all over the world.

Effective, gentle, safe products

Effective, gentle, safe products. All our formulas are developed by our internal Research and Development lab and undergo numerous tests before the final product is made.

Proudly made in Italy

We produce and package our products in our factory in Granarolo dell'Emilia (Bologna), which is completely powered by energy from renewable sources, including our own photovoltaic plant. We are also equipped with an internal treatment system for the wastewater that comes from washing our equipment.