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Advanced technology combined with high percentages of natural ingredients: all the strength of our formulas.

Hair Care

A complete routine for every hair need. Each Hair Care Insight line is the perfect combination of products to take care of the beauty and daily health of the hair, from cleansing to hydration.

Protective Hair Spray

Melted Energizing Shampoo

Curls Defining Hair Cream

Hair Styling

Among the Insight styling products you will find the perfect answer for any need. Versatile formulas, finishes and textures for every occasion, modular hold. Free your imagination, discover Insight styling and find the product that best suits your needs.

Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

Liquid Crystals

Oil Non Oil Anti-Frizz Fluid

Technical Products

Professional treatments to color, restructure and smooth the hair, or to create soft and voluminous waves that last over time in the salon. Versatile and perfect solutions to satisfy every need and request. Discover the potential of Insight technical products and give voice to your creativity! 

Incolor Hydra-color Cream

Heat Protection Shield for Hair

Botanical Hair Color - Henna


Una linea di prodotti per la cura quotidiana della pelle e dei capelli, pensata per un pubblico maschile. Prodotti efficaci, veloci e versatili, per il massimo del comfort e della qualità. Per non rinunciare ad una quotidiana idratazione e protezione.

Nourishing Beard Oil

Shaving Soap

Hair & Body Cleanser


Highly dermo-compatible and dermatologically tested products for sensitive skin. Take care of your skin and protect it from external aggressions and irritation.

Hair and Body Nourishing Butter - Summer Experience

Hydra-refresh Hair and Body Water

Body Scrub


We have recreated the atmosphere and style of the Insight world and have declined them in these products for daily use, in the salon or at home. Discover Feelings, take Insight with you every day.

Hydroalcoholic Purifying Hand Spray

Cotton Shopping Bag

Breezy Afternoon - Hair and Body Gourmand Fragrance


Insight Academy is an e-learning platform that offers extensive courses, live streaming and technical workshops on all aspects of hairstyling, plus courses on management and soft skills.

Ethical Cosmetics

Our long professional experience has always been accompanied by a conscious approach. A certainty that goes beyond cosmetics: this is a manifesto of a way of living.

Inspire for change

Professional, sustainable and high quality products, made accessible to as many people as possible.

We want to create real change, starting with our daily actions.

Best seller

It gently cleanses the hair, restoring elasticity and...

From 6,47 €

Emollient and detangling shampoo for dry, frizzy and...

From 6,47 €

Fortifying shampoo specially formulated to assist in...

From 22,81 €

A fibrous paste with a stringy consistency for a style...

From 17,08 €

Recommended shampoo for fine hair, to enhance body and...

From 6,47 €

Summer must-haves

Communicate your unique style with the Insight Tote Bag...

From 17,13 €

Communicate your unique style with the Insight Tote Bag...

From 17,13 €

Texturizing Sea Salt Spray with sea salt, gives hair...

From 17,08 €

Nourishing butter formulated for use on body and hair...

From 35,38 €

Protective and nourishing spray. It defends the hair...

From 32,21 €

A water-treatment with refreshing, moisturising and...

From 16,96 €

Shampoo for all types of hair. It has an antioxidant...

From 6,47 €

The formula of this conditioner tones and strengthens...

From 6,47 €

Thanks to its special formula, this mask gives...

From 13,42 €

A body cleanser with a melted texture, formulated for...

From 13,30 €

A moisturising, nourishing body lotion, for a...

From 10,37 €

In an industry that generates 120 billion pieces of packaging every year, Insight is committed to respecting people and nature with new recyclable, reusable and circular packaging made of glass, aluminium and plastic recycled from the oceans.

Discover Insight's ethical cosmetic to embrace your well-being and that of the planet we live on

Enhance your clients' identity by choosing with them the color that best represents them. Everything is allowed for the fall-winter 2023/2024 season!

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